10 March 2019

Silver Linings Sunday #02

I'm back for a second edition of Silver Linings Sunday, which I guess makes it an official series? I'm terrible for sticking to these, as longtime readers will know, but fingers crossed this one can be the change. After all, in a world of constant storms - quite literally this week -  there's always space for more smiles. For starters, the amount of 's' alliteration in this post is making my literary soul smile!

As I said in my first Silver Linings Sunday, I committed to writing this every week and that still holds true! Nonetheless, I haven't always felt in a position to share and I want to change that. I also recently found an item that might make this easier - already bookmarked for its own post - so fingers crossed we'll bee seeing more smiles on Bumble and Be! For now, it's time to share my silver linings from the past week (or three), ft. Avocuddles, Sock Pins and a long overdue date with Sleepy Cream... 

 "It's impossible to make your eyes twinkle,
If you're not feeling twinkly yourself."
- Roald Dahl || Danny the Champion of the World 


1. Sister Catchups, Canine Snuggles and AvoCuddles   - While my parents were away on holiday, my sister came back to Bath for the weekend and Elsa and Anna were officially reunited! Mr Mac also came along for the trip, so I got plenty of cuddles with my favourite Jack Russel (As Millie has already filled the role of Olaf, I've decided he can be Sven...) It was the loveliest couple of days and it just shows how, even after you grow into adults, that sisterly connection never goes.

We sang along to Greatest Showman, I introduced her to the joys of Cafe Lucca and she reminded me why laughter is one of the best medicines. Not only was I grateful to have her there as company while mum and dad were away, deep down I know this lunch would never have happened on my own - perhaps that's a little recovery/self-care challenge I need to set myself? It's very easy to default to a very rigid routine on my own, so having the greatest SISTER there ensured I rewrote the stars in Sophie's favour. Aka, avocuddles on toast with those cappuccino sprinkles of magic. 
2. "How I Got my Lost Toy Back" - this video by Ruby Granger was the most heartwarming thing I've watched in 2019! Another term,  it was one of those videos I couldn't not leave a comment for. It's the Youtube equivalent of turning on the News and seeing a story on rescue dogs! The story resonated a lot with me, as it happened to the rabbit i was given just after my Diabetes diagnosis aged seven. I was utterly devastated when I lost her and I did exactly the same thing as Ruby.. asked Santa to find her for me!  If he can't who can?

(Fun fact: I also wrote to him the following Summer to ask if Hogwarts was real).

Fast forward to Christmas morning, I go downstairs and see a rabbit peeping out from the top of my sack... only, unlike Ruby, it wasn't the same one! Included was a note from 'Santa', saying my old rabbit had gone to rabbit heaven, but this other rabbit was going to look after me for her! Parents really do the upmost to keep the magic alive and keep you safe. In a world of "£500 Fashion Haul" influencers, we need people like Ruby! Kindness is worth more than any price tag or clickbait title.

3. Coffee Shop Kindness  - speaking of kindness, Thursday's weekly pilgrimage to Cafe W after school (work) brought the nicest surprise. Not only do the Baristas now know my order by heart (Large Soya Capuccino with sprinkles!), they know I'm a crazy crochet lady and therefore guessed that a flighty ball of yarn must belong to me. The barista went off to the staff room and, moments later, came back with the ball of DOBBY YARN I'd been searching for all week! It was just one of those moments that reminds you there are magical people in this world. 

4. Crafting For #SockItToEatingDisorders - inspired by BEAT's #sockittoeatingdisorders campaign, the Bumble and Be HQ Crew socked it to self-doubt with these Siriusly SPEWtacular SOCK PINS. Just like Ollivander Wands and Dobby’s sock collection, no two pins were the same. Each included a different Dobby moment from the books, including Mad-Eye’s sock appreciation and the revelation that Dobby is a fellow Yarnivore! I'd been so busy praising Hermione’s “wooly bladder” hats, I completely forgot Dobby used his wages to buy wool for Harry’s Christmas socks...

One of the silver linings of this craft project was definitely getting to reread every Dobby scene from the series! Nonetheless, every silver lining has a cloud and that was the reason I created these Pins. Thousands of people in the UK are caught in the storm of an eating disorder and far too few of those receive support. BEAT are committed to raising money and awareness, so every person can find the freedom they deserve.  With his unwavering belief in freedom, I like to think that both Dobby would endorse BEAT's message and my little craft project.

I may only have raised £10, but that's £10 more to fight this demon and that is worth celebrating. I've also had such a lovely response for the pins sold so far, which means more than I can put into words... and I'm rarely lost for those! When the demons try to get you down, sock it and set yourself FREE.

5. Oh Happy Days Nights with 'Sleepy' Cream - Oh SLEEPY, you truly are THE FAIREST OF LUSH HAULSAfter hearing the hype on social media a couple of years ago, I decided to give it a try and have never looked back! If you haven't heard of sleepy, or are feeling Grumpy from lack of sleep, get yourself off to Lush and bask in this tonka-lavander-ambrosia dream. YOU WILL GO TO THE SLEEP BALL, trust me! I admittedly put off buying it for months, due to self-care anxieties, but finally socked it to those 'mind muggles' and allowed myself my pot of dreams. Self-care is OKAY. 

6. Setting the Twittersphere Free with Positivity  -  this was a true testament to those 'imperfectly perfect' moments in life! Being the sunflower soul she is, Nicole shared her #FF tweet one day early and what followed was a flurry of social media positivity. It was totally unexpected but all the more magical for it, especially given it was international woman's day and many of the people tagged were females who inspire me - like Nicole, Andrea, Beth, Cara, Rosie, Grace are true silver linings of the social media world and mental health advocacy. I count my lucky stars socks to have found them.

7. The Magic of #MarchMeetTheMaker - I am so happy I again socked it to the mind muggles and have joined this magical community for 2019. I dipped my toe into it last year, but 2019 was the year I committed to regular posts and I am so thankful! Not only has it built my own confidence talking about my business, I have discovered so many incredible makers and it's all thanks to Joanne Hawker, who launched the hashtag and does so much to champion other small businesses. In light of International Woman's Day, it's also wonderful to see so many girls bossing it in the Small Biz world

On the subject of Magical Makers and International Woman's Day, I want to end with a little shoutout to Ellis Jade and her new Kickstarter. she is one of my favourite artists and has designed the sweetest range of Enamel Pins (Can you spy the pun in the last sentence?) One of last week's surprise silver linings was also thanks to Ellis, as my February Patreon stickers came with the sweetest handwritten note (again, spot the pun!) I am so happy to have 'met' her through the #MakersSpace and it only motivates me to engage more with this incredible community. 
 "What made you smile this week?"

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