22 April 2019

Snapshots from Spring and What it means to be an Earthling #EarthDayEVERYDAY

Happy Earth Day my fellow earthlings. 365 days ago, I wrote about the importance of making "earth day"our every day. The twitter birds can caw #EarthDay 'til the (Insta)cows come home, but we must never lose sight of our 'why'; the hearts behind the hashtags; the reason we care as much as we do. This may sound sentimental and, I'll be the first to admit, daffodils won't be saved by dancing with them (as much as I relate to Wordsworth). Nonetheless, I do believe that emotions play a key role in the future of our planet. Quite simply, we have to care. 

"Whenever I ask professional conservationists what first 
Inspired them to get involved in the protection of the 
Environment, they invariably mention either a book or a place."
- Dr Robert Macfarlanenature writer & ecocritic   

Ever since I was little, I've loved the outdoors. I love exploring, I'm fascinated by the littlest details of a tree or flower. I read books such as "the hidden language of trees" for pleasure and "Landscape and Literature" was my favourite module at University - it's how I discovered the genius Robert Macfarlane! In a recent Instagram post, I talked about my woodland happy place - my whimsical 'Luna Wood' - and how it embodies the things I treasure most. We can pretend that magic is the stuff of fairytales, but we only have to look beyond our screens to know it exists. Nature is proof that magic exists. Nonetheless, we currently risk losing it to  myth and we cannot allow this to happen. This is where I truly believe that individual connection is key. We cannot save through apathy. 
I've consciously been spending more time away from social media recently and making time to get outside, whether it be fighting past the brain fog to join my family for a dog walk, or heading for the bus-stop ten minutes earl to stop and smell the roses horse manure (After a decade of horse-riding, there will always  be hoof prints on my heart!) 

This bank holiday has been markedly screen-free and I cannot tell you how lovely it's been. I had a difficult evening on Friday with withdrawal side effects (see last post), but getting outdoors has done me the world of good and made me more grateful than ever for nature. During the darkest days of anorexia, I was a habitual 'speed walker' and rarely noticed the little things, so I really took a moment to do that this weekend and took some photos to record it.

So this is what I wanted to share. Some snapshots of spring from Victoria Park in Bath, where I am continually reminded to keep the tonic glass of nature half-full. While these are only snapshots -  the live-action moment is beyond any screen - I do feel they capture this sense of just being. Being mindful, not mind full. By focusing in on the tiny details we can so often forget, I found beauty in tranquility and the magic of what is. No 'to do list' needed. On that note, I'm going to end my rambles and let Nature do the talking. To paraphrase Ronan Keating, she says it best and I need say nothing at all... Nature has enough lyrics for all the Grammys in the world!  
“Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and 
lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, 
you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.”
- Winnie the Pooh, A.A.Milne   


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