29 November 2019

Fantastic Gifts and Where to Find Them

"Deck the halls with boughs of Harry, fa la la la la, la la la la. 
'Tis the season to choose Etsy. Fa la la la la, le vi o SA!" 

Hermione may swear that it's LeviOsa, not levioSA; however, I solemnly stand by Ronald Weasley and saying Le-vi-o-SAnta to your heart's content. What’s more, when it comes to Jo's Wizarding Wonderland, Christmas is the levitation charm that takes magic to new heights. From flying baubles and dancing hippogriffs, to everlasting icicles and Weasley Jumpers, Winter and Wizards and go together like Dobby and socks. What could possibly bee better, you ask? ACCIO WitchCrafting! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 
I love a Primark Pillow as much as the next Potterhead, but handmade gifts are a magic BEEyond all else. Last week, I published a seven-day GIFT GUIDE to out-charm ALL Gift guides - officially known as FANTASTIC GIFTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM, it was 100% big biz free and 100% powered by ETSY! Like my #MakerMagicMonday series, I wanted to spotlight the inexhaustible magic of handmade. For if you look beyond the hughstreet, I solemnly swear that the world is your Oyster SALAMANDER. Don't believe me? Just come et SEE... 


... is OWL POST. Let’s be honest, nothing will ever compare to that Siriusly overdue letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for the Dursley's idea of a Christmas Card... otherwise known as the dullest thing since static staircases. 

So when the Muggles try to get you down, simply summon the HANDMADE school of WitchCRAFTS and Whimsy. From BEAR paper packaging tied up with string, to a Moon and Hare card that simply sings to my Luna soul, Etsy has all your wrapping needs covered. What's more, cards don't have to be the obligatory add-on to the gift; they can often be a gift in themselves. Just think of Harry's happeeness when he received his birthday cards in books three and four. Your Christmas cards could do likewise! 
||  Fantastic Beasts Card (£3.19) - Abiyx   ||   Moon and Hare Card (£2.75) - Karen Davis ||
 ||  Hedwig Card (£5.32) - Mighty Mama Creations   ||    Bear Wrapping (£4.40) - Heather Alstead Designs  || 


If you're getting ready to deck the halls with boughs of HARRY, this is the section for you! From miniature Weasley jumpers and Santa-worthy Signs, to butterbeer baubles and a Luna-inspired wreath, all of these makers have their festive priorities sorted.

The creativity of some of these ornaments is mind-boggling and the 'mischief managed' sign is just perfect for christmas eve - I solemnly swear to keep all the presents secret until morning! Unless the Nifflers discover some chocolate coins, that is..
|| 'Deathly Hallows' Ornaments (£15) - Kookie and Rookie   ||    Nargle Hallows Wreath (£9.67) - The Witty Hufflepuff   ||
 ||  Weasley Jumper  (£17.94) - Very Harry Miniatures   ||   Mini Pymgy Puff (£21.30) ) - Woods of Wonder  || 
||  'Mischief Managed sign' (£18.27) - Splatter Palette   ||   Elder Wand ornament  (£7.28) - Hollyvanders Wands   ||
 || Niffler ornament (£12) - Thrilmathie   ||   Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice baubles (£7.50 each) - Mrs K's Emporium  || 


It’s safe to say that one can never have enough knitwear... and it would appear that magical minds think alike! I couldn't do a wizarding gift guide without a nod to the iconic weasley jumper, so this section is all about apparel! Scroll down to discover a goldmine of knitted treasures, novelTEE shirts and SPEW-worthy socks, not to mention those all-important ACCIOssories.

These bags may not have an undetectable extension charm, but there’s some kinds of magic that only small businesses can cast. From Book cover clutches and embroidered hallows, to House-Proud Book besties and fantastic beast project bags, I solemnly swear you will be as enchanted as Molly at a Celestina Warbeck Concert... or Dobby when he receives a pair of odd socks!
||  Ravenclaw Book Sleeve (£12) - Book Besties UK   ||    Deathlly Hallows Backpack (£2.75) - Leafling Bags  ||
 || Niffler Purse  (£32) - Embroidery by Amalet ||   Phoenix Book Clutch  (£103.16) - Frolioli  || 
 || Pumpkin Juice Tee  (£24.16) - Magically Styled ||   Ron Weasley Hat (£39.05) - The Witches Cabin  || 
 || Dobby Socks (£9.67) - Enchanted Fandom ||   Demiguise Protection Society Tee (£20.14) - The Accio Box || 

Or for all those decaffeinated dears like Professor Trelawney, Accio Teapot! (Disclaimer: I’ve reassured Sybill that I’ll only summon the less valuable china-wear, just in case Neville happens to be in class). “Espresso Patronum” is the one spell I could Siriusly use in my life (despite what Ron says, one can never have enough cappuccinos and I’m sipping one as I type).

Sadly, the muggles haven't found an exact answer to this spell, but Etsy comes pretty close! Today’s selection box of small biz TrEAsures include Phoenix Tears Tea, emotional teaspoons  and, last but not least, a PUMPKIN JUICE CANDLE. I often see magical candles in subscription unboxings, but this one doesn’t just smell of pumpkin spice and everything nice - it looks like the real thing!
||   'Accio Coffee' Cup (£9.70) - Birds N More   ||   Harry Purrter Tea Towel (£8) - Katie Abey Design  ||
 ||   Coffeepuff Keyring (£7.92) - Citras Paintbox   ||  Pumpkin Juice Candle (£9.10) - Leaky Cauldron Candles  || 
 ||   'Ron's Emotional Range' Spoon (£12.80) - Rebekah's Valentine  ||  'Have a Biscuit' coaster (£3.50) - Charli Tait Illustrations  ||   
||  Phoenix Tears Tea (£3.50) - Literary Tea Company   ||   Espresso Patronum Mug (£9.85) - Miss Bohemia  ||

If the number of #HousePride posts on Instagram are anything to go by, the final day of my “Fantastic Gifts and Where to Find Them’ series is the Room of Festive Requirement. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

What’s more, as we’re rounding off the week with HOUSE PRIDE, I found the perfect hosts: the SPEW Crew HOUSE PUFFS! (Nugget begs to differ, but I’ve told him to sort out his Badger priorities) Each of the Fluffballs has picked one or two items inspired by their chosen house, before taking a leaf out of Hermione’s books with “a bit of house unity” - in this instance, she did have her priorities sorted!

So if the weather outside is frightful and that "pine fresh" password doesn’t do the trick, House bath bombs, candles and tea leaves could be the answer! Not only are they realistic alternatives to a talking mermaid, they are all 100% bunny-friendly (no testing in China like some of the high street offerings out there *sips tea*) All of the items in this gift guide are cruelty-free, obviously. 
 ||  'Sorting Candle (£8.95) - Happy Piranha    ||   Mini House Scarves  (£4.50) - Grobblenots   ||
  ||   Hogwarts House Tea (£6.70) - Wolfdor  ||   GryffindorMouse coaster (£4.80) - Citrus Bunn || 
 ||   Hogwarts House Candle (£10) - Reading Room Candle Co.   ||  'Bravery' Lip Balm (£6.21) - Literary Lip Balms  ||
 ||    Ravenclaw Pendant  (£8) - The Literary Gift Shop  ||  Wooden Common Room Bookmark (£6.85) - Sweet Sequels ||

Christmas is traditionally all about meaning and  I like to remember this when choosing gifts; rather than pick the shiniest 'pickbait' gift box from a highstreet shelf, why not put the PERSoN back in PRESenT? For me and *hopefully* some of you lovely muggles, the high street can keep their shoe, because nothing says YOU quite like U-No-Poo...

That beeing said, Etsy isn't just limited to the wizarding world! It truly is a treasure trove for ALL whimsical wonders, whether you're seeking novelTEA Shakespeaere tea (let's hope dad isn't reading this), or DOG Vader wrapping paper (last year's keeper).  They have a whole range of gift guides to dive into, but my personal favourite (again let's hope the family aren't reading) spotlights all-things PERSONALThe SMALL BIZ Sky is the limit, so spread your wishlist wings and fly free!
*this does include affiliate links, but product picks and potterific puns are entirely my own. ALWAYS.*

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