Crochet Bowtruckle
Crochet Bowtruckle
Crochet Bowtruckle
Crochet Bowtruckle
Crochet Bowtruckle
Crochet Bowtruckle
Crochet Bowtruckle
Crochet Bowtruckle
Crochet Bowtruckle
Crochet Bowtruckle
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Crochet Bowtruckle

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In a KNUTshell

  • Standard Bowtruckles are approximately 20cm tall. Giants are 28cm tall,
  • Their body, arms and legs were crocheted in Scheepjes cotton 'catonia' or 'chalista' yarn.
  • Their black bead eyes and mouths are embroidered on with black thread.
  • Their body, arms and legs contain craft wire, so are fully posable. 
  • Each bowtruckle will come with a custom book-page badge, as seen in photos.
  • They are stuffed with recycled polyester filling. 
  • Crochet beasties are made to order, so please allow 4-6 weeks from the point of adoption before they are ready to fly free.
  • While all my beasties are made with love and care, they are not CE-tested, so are not intended as toys for young children

The Backstory

Long before the FB films came to be, I was always intrigued by the Bowtruckle from their cameos in Order of the Pheonix and the Fantastic Beasts book. I loved the idea of them being wand wood guardians, and was also fascinated by their place in th CofMC curriculum, whereas mandrakes are taught in Herbology! Is that just me?

Then along came Pickett, and let's just say I was quickly beesotted. I thought his relationship with Newt was just adorable, and the fact that he's a little bit neurotic gave him such personality. Suffice to say, from the moment I began to crochet animals, I knew that I needed a bowtruckle in my life! On that note...  

The Design Story

This was by far one of my most complex crochet patterns to date. When it comes to crochet, I always go for realism as far as possible, as opposed to more traditional amigurumi animals that are more cartoon-like. However, this can make design an uphill battle, as the bowtruckle is by nature very spindly!

This inspired me to try using craft-wire, which I now use in several of my other crochet beasties, including Thestral and Occamy wings and Niffler arms. The craft wire goes through all three legs and arms, so as the photos show... they know how to move-it move-it!

When it comes to yarn, since 2019 I have used cotton, so that the stitches are as crisp and defined as possible. Then, for the eyes, I use tiny black beads, so that are  slightly raised on the face - despite their tiny size, this ensures they truly stand out! 

Your Story

As with all other Spew Crew beasties, each Bowtruckle is handmade to my own pattern, so is 100% exclusive to Bumble and Be. As they are made-to-order, it means that no two will be quite the same, but I like to think that is part of their magic - just like an Ollivander wand!

Every single Bowtruckle adopted will also come with their own exclusive adoption card and "beastie book badge", which I make from the secondhand pages of Harry Potter books. Before your beastie flies off to you, I will ask if you have a name in mind and - if so - put this onto the adoption card. On that note, this name will often form the basis for the book badge too; for example, past customers have called their 'truckles Bertie and Bill, so I have chosen passages with these names included! 

- Bowtruckles are approximately 18cm tall.
- Their body, arms and legs were crocheted in green Rico cotton yarn.
- They are stuffed with polyester filling and the arms, legs and leafy-ears contain craft wire, so are fully bendable.
- The beady eyes are attached with safety backs and the mouth is sewn on with black embroidery thread.
- Each bowtruckle comes with an adoption card and book badge.
- They are a toy and made to fly free from a shelf, but do need to be handled with care - not suitable for very small children!
Please message me with any questions you may have, or any requests/suggestions for future creations.

My makes are inspired by the Wizarding World, but are unlicensed and have no affiliation with Warner Bros/JK Rowling.

Customer Reviews

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I'm so over the moon with Muggle-wump the...

I'm so over the moon with Muggle-wump the bowtruckle and Roly-poly the occamy, they really are fantastic beasts. Truly magical packaging, I love all the personal details, from their book badges, to all the book stars, adoption cards, honestly makes my soul smile. Thank you

Oliver is his name, which Sophie, the crea...

Oliver is his name, which Sophie, the creator, has named him for me. His name fits him! he is mischievous, curious, and loves to check out different plants around the apartment. Right now his favorite place is hanging on the ceiling fan chord for whatever reason. I let him be to be on his own but he's the same size as Pickett from Fantastic Beasts and Oliver wants to be just like him one day. They were shipped carefully and with lots of love. I'm in love with him very much. He holds a special place in my heart! :)

If you are looking for the cutest Bowtruck...

If you are looking for the cutest Bowtruckle to add to your collection, look no further than the ones Sophie so intricately creates! She is a pro at bringing beasties to life, and this guy is even more special with bendable wire so you can pose him! He is FLAWLESS. It's truly magical how much personality and complete swagger he has! He arrived with his adoption card all in order, wrapped with immense care and in environmentally friendly packaging (which made ordering ALL the sweeter)! Sophie, not only is your work phenomenal, but you are one of the kindest, most magical souls I've ever had the absolute pleasure of getting to know. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! <3

Absolutely stunning, so intricate and well...

Absolutely stunning, so intricate and well made. The seller is lovely and you can see the care and love that had gone in to everything. Thank you.

Absolutely over the moon! I love my bowtru...

Absolutely over the moon! I love my bowtruckle. The details and love and care and the attention to detail is amazing. A delight to deal with. Very happy, thank you xxx